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Upcoming election - 2022

We invite nominations for the election of the next AILASA executive and coordinating committee. This committee will be elected by all full members of AILASA for a term from July 2022 until the date of the Biennial General Meeting in July 2024. All members are invited to peruse the constitution here. We also invite people to nominate for any of the current positions, and to read the profiles of the current executive. 


Please note that the constitution requires that the president, treasurer, and secretary be elected on a joint slate from a single state or region. Members can also nominated themselves for additional committee positions individually or associated with an executive slate.


If submitting a slate, please include a short 200-word statement supporting your collective nomination. In addition, all nominees (whether slate or individual) must include a 200-word statement detailing why they wish to nominate. Please clearly signal if your individual nomination is part of a slate. 


All nominations are to be sent to the Returning Officers, Dr Lilit Žekulin Thwaites ( and Dr Ralph Newmark ( Nominations must be received by 17th June 2022. Voting will commence for a two-week period using a digital platform to be advised in the coming fortnight. Members will vote for each position individually rather than collectively, noting the requirement that the president, treasurer and secretary are from a single state/region. Please note that the current executive will not be involved in the election, and have access to neither the voting platform nor nominations.

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